As I rode  on horseback through a field of sagebrush this morning (I felt like a character in an old Western!) I pondered on how to put all of this in words.  Well here I go…born and raised in a small town in South Africa close to the most southern tip of Africa / the youngest of 4, born to entrepreneurial parents (who never knew what they were doing was actually called “entrepreneurship”.  I knew since the age of 16 that I would live overseas for a period of time – foreign lands were calling my name, I wanted to explore and discover. It’s a long story but the short version is  I ended up on the west coast of the USA (it’s been 21 years!), got married here, build a Limo and Bus company with my husband but always knew I wanted to give back to my home country.  I wanted to share the beautiful land with my fellow American women entrepreneurs and that’s when the  Amplify Africa travel program was born.  Bringing women entrepreneurs from the USA to South Africa to see and experience the World in One Country but also to collaborate, exchange and empower like minded women in Southern Africa (eventually the program will go to different African countries).  

It’s mentorshop, it’s friendship, it’s knowing that no matter what business you’re in, we face the same struggles and it’s so much easier when you have a tribe who is there to assist and show you the way when you feel lost and very alone in this endeavor. 

Come visit with us for a day or three – we are going to laugh, we are going to try to solve the worlds problems, we are going to talk about pushing boundaries and facing fears (to never give up on your hopes and dreams).  Lasting friendships will be formed and I know business collaborations and transactions will take place.    

See you in October!

Best wishes,

“I can promise you that women working together-linked, informed and educated – can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet” – Isabel Allende