Adél Dreyer

Adél was born in the Northern part of South Africa in the beautiful town of Tzaneen in Limpopo province. She completed her high school education at the High school Hans Merensky in 1993.

Having a soft heart for people all her life and having dreams of her own, it was after she matriculated that she discovered that what you plan and what is planned for you might not always be the same.  And it is on this life journey of hers that started there and then and took her on a lot of surprising paths that lead her to today where she discovered a few of the answers to her “WHY” questions.

Starting her Ballroom and Latin-American dancing career in  January 1994 her passion for people, guiding and working with them were obvious to everyone who got to know her. She furthered her career in dancing and today is a qualified Ballroom and Latin-American dance Instructor, Dance Director and Adjudicator. She is the proud owner of her own dance studio, Bailamos dance studio, situated in Bredasdorp.  She has been a business owner for the past 20 years.

Entrepreneurship is a big part of her life. As people will always be her passion, Adél  took up further studies and is today a qualified Dog Training instructor and Behaviourist, specializing in basic home obedience in 2010.   And just to add some fun to it she is also qualified in basic Search and Rescue in 2013. Her way of thinking is not to help just the dogs, but to actually work with the people who owns a dog and coach them on how to, by improving their knowledge, give the dog (and the house family) a good and loving life.

Her  Life coach and motivational speaking  venture started in 2014 and in 2015 she added health and wellness in her colourful life of which today she is a leader in the industry.  Today Adél gives presentations at various events and her workshops are a great experience to attend.

If I can make a positive difference and help at least one person a day to improve his/her life, then that was a great day”  ~ Adél Dreyer