Meghan Ochs

Meghan’s work centers on pursing her passions and turning them into opportunities. Meghan actively coaches two sports, alpine skiing and CrossFit. Her employment at a Lake Tahoe Ski Resort, and at her CrossFit gym, are her only traditional means of employment. While she is constantly trying to learn more and better herself, Meghan accepts she will undoubtedly never be the best coach, skier, or athlete. However, she absolutely strives to be the one with the most energy, dedication, and passion. Its her personal mission to share the love, and the physical and mental benefits of sport, and physical activity, with as many people as possible. She doesn’t need to coach the best, but she strives to impact the most. Her drive and creativity have allowed her to carve out her own niche in industries where many professionals struggle.

Meghan owns three businesses. Meghan’s rental property company proudly provides a safe and clean home for people and their pets to live. Meghan’s freelance writing business, Meghan’s Musings, allows Meghan to share her thoughts and experiences in travel, fitness, entrepreneurship, and advocacy. Meghan loves to tell a good story, whether hers, or that of someone else. Lastly, is her business related to her work in the ski industry, Skiing is Believing. The Skiing is Believing mission is “to promote, support and ease access to (snow) sports.” Meghan has partnered with various non profits, and ski areas, to help give children from low income families access to skiing. Her business operates year round sport and fitness day camps for children. Their focus is on “promoting healthy bodies, happy minds, and good hearts.” Currently, Skiing is Believing is building a large indoor ski training facility in Reno, NV. “The Biggest Little Ski Hill” will operate high tech ski simulators, machines, and ski slopes. Skiers of all abilities, will be able to train and practice year round. The facility will have a training center with a focus on ski specific exercises as well as a CrossFit gym for those looking to improve their overall fitness and wellness. 

Currently, Meghan serves on two boards. One board focuses on youth snow sports and provides scholarships to children who might not otherwise be able to ski or ride. Meghan also serves on the Washoe County Wildlife Advisory Board which works closely with the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the Nevada Wildlife Commission to help implement and set policy regarding hunting, fishing, ranching, and recreation. Charity and volunteerism are a huge part of who Meghan is. She has been an active volunteer at multiple organizations related to women’s rights, the environment, animal advocacy, and of course, skiing. Meghan strongly believes in partnerships between the not for profit and for profit world. This is a core value to her business model. All children who attend her youth camps attend a day of service at a local non profit organization. Here they learn the value of volunteerism while also gaining an understanding of the important roles non profits play in their community. In an attempt to make up for her inability to volunteer and fundraise as much as she’d prefer, Meghan annually throws herself a charity birthday party. The event is a ticketed fundraiser to raise money for local non profit organizations while also highlighting their work. 

Never shy, Meghan is rarely afraid to ask, and work for, what she wants. She is well aware of her strengths, and perhaps more importantly, her weaknesses. She is good at understanding people, cultivating relationships, building partnerships, coordinating large projects, telling a detailed story, self deprecation, and not too terrible at sports and physical activity. Meghan always sees the big picture and rarely gets lost in the dust of the details. While not always beneficial, it allows her to charge hard, forge ahead, and take calculated risks, even when, more often than not, she has no idea what she is doing. Full of energy, joy, and a habit of constantly defying any, Meghan is constantly looking for the next great opportunity as it relates to her passions and aptitude. Meghan is acutely aware and appreciative of the fact that she has lived an incredibly privileged  life. Her goal is to experience as much of this great big world as possible through people, sport, and travel, while hopefully making it better place.