Sharon DeMattia

Founder, The AIM Project | Connection & Communication
Expert | Human Re -Engineer | Storyteller

My strength lies in my diversity, curiosity, and intelligence. I am a
systems observer, a strategic optimist and constantly imagine ways to
do things better.

I am an “Artist/Scientist”, and received my Masters Degree from the
University of Colorado, Boulder in Kinesiology and Applied
Physiology. My focus was in human subjects research, specifically
Nitric Oxide Bioavailability, aging, physical activity and vascular

As part of an Integrative Vascular Biology Lab, I assisted with infusion
studies; vasoactive agents were infused into the brachial artery and
measured using forearm strain gauge plethysmography. I presented
at the American Physiological Society Biology of Exercise Conference
as well as at the Hartford/Jahnigan Geriatrics Research Forum.
From the lab I moved into healthcare and pharmaceuticals. I spent
10 years with Boehringer Ingelheim as a national and regional award
winning sales representative as well as a certified field trainer.
Science taught me about observation, precision, methodology and
the value of finding the right question. I lived by logic, measurement
and prediction models.

“The Artist” joined “The Scientist” in 2012. Healthcare was going
through massive changes with the implementation of ACA while at
the same time I was facing personal challenges at home. Suddenly
things were not predictable, nor easily measured. It was the perfect
storm, and my focus shifted from human physiology to human

The AIM Project emerged from a question to my son, “If you were a
blank canvas, how would you fill it?” Since then thousands have
answered the same question as anonymous inner-self portraits. What
started as a concept, became a platform for growth and a community
of connection where we explore the mysterious interplay between
emotion, logic, and the relationships within ourselves and our world.
I facilitate AIM workshops both domestically and internationally, I am
a TEDx speaker, and continue to expand in the field of human
possibility and freedom.