Why I Love to Travel … Part 1

Why do I love to travel? As you can probably guess, I get this question quite a bit. While many people see travel as a relaxing time, many others dread the packed airports, long customs lines, and the inherent strangeness of being in a culture so different from their own. This is why preparation is so essential!

Tradouw Pass, connecting Barrydale and Swellendam, South Africa.

Tradouw Pass, connecting Barrydale and Swellendam, South Africa.

The planning part of the trip is the most fun to me. Just try to look at the stunning images of southern Africa and try not to get excited! From the powerful Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe to the vibrancy of Cape Town, researching different places to go and things to do feeds my excitement for upcoming trips.


Green Market Square, an open air market in Cape Town, South Africa.

Green Market Square, an open air market in Cape Town, South Africa.

Oh, and you can’t forget the local food scene! Local dishes each tell their own stories. These recipes are passed down through generations and shared with the public with a true passion, showcasing the history and flavors of their countries. To me, an amazing meal has the same value as sightseeing or taking part in an activity – it’s all about making memories!

Truth Coffee Shop, a steampunk-themed coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa.

Truth Coffee Shop, a steampunk-themed coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa.

While I love the planning stage, one thing I keep in mind when I travel is that these plans change, either by my choice or by forces out of my control. Be flexible! Traveling is a time to explore and discover. Find your way through the culture you’re in – ask questions, try the food, view the art. Run away from the beaten paths and allow the country you’re visiting to elevate your tastes.

In closing, throw away your GPS! Just let your experiences happen … get lost and discover the unknown. Drink in the sights, sounds, and tastes of your vacation destination and it will feel invigorating.

Happy travels!

South Africa’s Mother City boasts natural beauty, a world-renowned food & wine … – SunHerald.com

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South Africa’s Mother City boasts natural beauty, a world-renowned food & wine …
Almost nowhere is this more easily experienced than on a culinary tour of the city and its outlying wine region.

African Skies Travel Connection‘s insight:

This is a fabulous article on South Africa – makes everyone at African Skies Travel Connection want to jump on a plane and head down there right now! Speak to us about how we can help you plan your very own trip of this caliber!


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10 Tips to Photograph An African Safari – Digital Photography School

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Today African Safari guide Vernon Swanepoel from safari-pics.blogspot.com shares with us some tips on how to photograph an African Safari. An African Safari may be a once in a lifetime experience and one that can be really fun for photographers.

African Skies Travel Connection‘s insight:

African Skies Travel Connection can book the safari, we can even book you a photographic learning safari – but ultimately you’ll be the one behind the lens… Here are some handy hints on getting the most from your camera.

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Reasons to love South Africa – in no particular order!

Reasons to Love South Africa

  1. That first glimpse of Table Mountain.
  2. The immense canopy of stars against the night sky.
  3. Hot air ballooning in the Magaliesberg – “The Cradle of Humankind”.
  4. Safari with The Big 6 – Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino and Whale. No other country has anything like it.
  5. Hiking in the majestic Drakensberg.
  6. Driving the incredibly beautiful Chapman’s Peak Drive.
  7. Sampling the many great wines (I think we might have mentioned that before!)
  8. Sundowners on the palm fringed sands at Camps Bay.
  9. Afternoon thunderstorms in the Highveld.
  10. Summer sunset concerts at Kirstenbosch Gardens, the most beautiful garden in Africa.
  11. An encounter with the penguins at Boulders Beach.
  12. Cape Town as World Design Capital 2014.
  13. A quick lunch of spicy bunnychow in Durban.
  14. Listening to live jazz in any of the major cities
  15. Exploring the beauty of the Garden Route.
  16. Learning about the past on Robben Island.
  17. Reaching speeds of 100mph on the world’s fastest zipline.
  18. The freshest Fish ‘n Chips, eaten on the harbor wall at Hout Bay.
  19. Cage diving with crocodiles, yes crocodiles, in Oudtshoorn.
  20. Escaping from it all in the raw beauty of the Wild Coast.
  21. Koeksisters dripping with syrup, anywhere.
  22. Sunset in the Golden Gate.
  23. Jacaranda trees in full bloom in Pretoria.
  24. The salty tang of Biltong.
  25. Home to 8 World Heritage Sites



Thanks to www.sa-venues.com for inspiration!

Why I love South Africa

African Heart
I love her for the perfection of her days
The crisp Karoo morning
The Joburg winter noon
The late summer Cape Town sunset
The star-filled Free State night

I love her for her people
For our warm smiles
For our resilience
For our I-am-because-we-are

I love her because she delights my senses
Highveld thunderbolts
Jacarandas in bloom
Sunday braais
African sun
Icy sea

I love her raw power, her intensity, her strength

I love her because of how she makes me feel
Sometimes angry, sometimes joyous
Sometimes fearful, sometimes love-filled
Sometimes frustrated, sometimes hopeful
Always alive

I love her because she intrigues me
And challenges me
The Chinese have a curse: “May you live in interesting times”
I see it as a blessing

I love her because she helps me keep things in perspective
By reminding me how privileged I am
Every day

I love her for being a microcosm of the world
A world in one country
For what we can teach the world
About compromise
And sharing
And forgiveness
And tolerance
And hope

I love her because she’s imperfect
And full of opportunity
And potential unfulfilled

I love her because she has come so far
And has so much further to go
And whether we ever get there
Will all depend on us

I love her because she’s been so good to me
And she inspires me to return the favour

I love her because she’s my country
No matter what
I love her because she’s my home
And where my soul is at rest

By Ian Macdonald
Originally posted at Brand South Africa

Painting the town yellow

Cape Town Yellow
It’s a wonderfully exciting time in Cape Town with the building momentum of all that being the World Design Capital 2014 (WDC2014) entails. In honor of this event, Plascon Paints has even created a special color called “Cape Town Yellow - the official color of WDC2014. More specifically, it is Pantone 109C. Local artists are rising to the challenge and even those not directly involved in any official capacity in the WDC showcase, are joining the fervor and adopting 109C as their 2014 “trademark” color too.

Take Skinny laMinx for example. This beloved South African textile design company chose to start the year with a fresh coat of paint on the door of their shop and studio, in – you’ve guessed it – Cape Town Yellow!  Apart from being incredibly clever marketing, it is also intended as a show of solidarity for all that is cool about this internationally acclaimed event. Skinny laMinx also invite everyone to OWN IT, PAINT IT, WORK IT – to get a pair of yellow boots; to buy your dog a yellow collar or to plant yellow daisies in a window box.

Yellow is the sun in the African Skies; yellow is the warm sand of the Karoo; yellow is the coat of an African lion at dusk; yellow is the color of the fields that roll across the hills of the Western Cape; yellow is the color of chardonnay in the Winelands and yellow is also the color of fresh corn roasted on an open fire.
Whatever your plans, resolve to make 2014 your YELLOW YEAR!