Sun, sand and sleepy seaside towns

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The past few days have been spent in blissful “unwind” mode, soaking up the tranquility of the wonderful little Western Cape seaside towns at the tip of Africa. Apart from boasting the longest continuous stretch of white sandy coastline in the Southern Hemisphere, and it proximity to Cape Agulhas, the area is also famous for its traditional fishermen’s architecture, whale sightings, bird life and breathtaking sunsets

As a desert dweller, I am particularly enjoying my daily walks along the beach to the harbor to watch the fishing boats deliver the catch of the day. Yesterday’s offering was the central feature of our evening meal –  freshly caught Cape Salmon – a firm white fish, known locally as Geelbeck (translation: yellow mouth).

To the backdrop of crashing waves and in the warm light of yet another incredible African sunset, we chose to “braai” our meal in true South African tradition. The smell of the fish sizzling on the coals along with its accompanying roosterkoek (later served with homemade fig jam) was a heavenly aromatic and taste combination. South African cuisine has so much complexity to explore, and the “braai” is so much more than the ubiquitous grilled meat we so often settle for! I am enjoying rediscovering the variety that South African dining has to offer.

This morning we woke up to the smell of the ocean mixed with fresh rain and the sound of doves gently welcoming the softness of the morning mist. A perfect start to what will inevitably turn into yet another glorious day of sunshine and sparkling seas.

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