Who We Are

African Skies Travel Connection really began over 25 years ago in the heart of a young South African with a yearning for unique travel experiences…


Danéll Wilson-Perlman

Danéll Wilson-Perlman

I grew up in a popular destination location in the Western Cape, in a family immersed in the local tourism industry. From grassroots involvement grew a passion for insightful tourism that included qualifications in Travel and Tourism Management, extensive worldwide hospitality exposure from London, to Lake Tahoe and back again to my beloved South Africa. My global experience includes boutique hotels, major cosmopolitan chains, ski resort management, local tourism and the limousine business.

African Skies Travel Connection is the culmination of all of these years of travel and training. I am excited to match my extensive knowledge and local Southern African associates with your dreams, to curate your perfect journey.

Danell Wilson-Perlman

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