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Log in

  • Click “Log In” in your website’s footer area.
  • OR, add “/wp-login.php” to the end of your domain name in the browser’s address bar.
  • In the login window, enter your username and password (supplied to you by your web developer)
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Help is always nearby

As long as you are logged in to your website’s dashboard area, you can always click the “Help” tab at the top right corner of your screen. This tab has the information you need, depending on which page you are on and what you’re trying to do. Very useful!

Add a blog post

  • Go to “Posts —> Add New”
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  • Follow these steps to add and format your post’s content:
    • Add your headline (this is also what the post’s name will be)
    • Add the post’s content in the content area
    • Format your content using the formatting tools
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    • Select the Category this post will go in (your website will have other categories than what’s shown here — Travel Blog and Adventures — select the category where you want your post added)
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    • Click “Publish” when done — you have now created a new blog post!
    • Full instructions here »

Add a page

Add image or media

  • You can upload and insert media (images, audio, documents, etc.) by clicking the Add Media button
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    You can select from the images and files already uploaded to the Media Library, or upload new media to add to your page or post.
  • To create an image gallery, select the images to add and click the “Create a new gallery” button.
  • You can also embed media from many popular websites including Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and others by pasting the media URL on its own line into the content of your post/page. Please refer to the Codex to learn more about embeds.

Edit your photo gallery »

Edit an existing page (or post)

  • Go to “Pages —> All Pages” (or “Posts —> All Posts”)
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  •  OR, you can also click on your website’s name (or “Visit Site”) up in the left corner of the screen and navigate to the page you want to edit by browsing your website.
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  • When you find the web page on your site you want to edit, click Edit Page (in top dark bar above page)
  • In Edit view, edit the content on your page as you wish.
  • When done, click “Update” — your revised page is now on your website.
  • Full instructions here »

Add a testimonial

  • Click on “Testimonials —> Add New Testimonial”
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  • In the New Testimonials’ window, name your testimonial where it says “Enter title here” so you can find it in your list of testimonials (this headline will not be visible on your live site).
  • Write the testimonial in the content area.
  • Add the name of the person(s) under “Client Name”
  • Click “Publish” to add this testimonial to the list of testimonials on your page.
  • If you are using random testimonials for your sidebar, this testimonial will also be added to the ones showing there.

Edit the navigation bar

  • Go to “Appearance —> Menu”
  • Follow instructions here »
  • You need to manually add a new page to your menu if you add a page to your website. If you remove a page, it will be removed from the navigation bar automatically.
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